Yoga Classes

Class Timetable

The Allness Centre - 89A Cronulla St, Cronulla NSW 2230


Low intensity class, suitable for beginners, gently opening the body, leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated whilst building the foundations of your yoga practice.


An energetic Vinyasa Yoga flow of postures that keeps the body moving and generating heat. Your breathe supports you to link standing sequences, inversions, forward bends, twists, hip openers, fun arm balances and back-bends; finishing with relaxation and meditation. Your physical body will open and release so you feel energized and empowered; you will feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally cleansed cultivating a sense of inner peace.


We commence the class building a steady vinyasa flow, opening and energising the body.  We then slow the practice down and begin to hold poses in the yin yoga tradition.  The aim of this class is to allow you to feel that you receive a full body experience, physically and mentally. 


A slow and steady, grounding practice allowing the breath to remain slow while coming into varying poses that take us to an appropriate depth where we will relax the rigidity around our joints all the while remaining focused and allowing our attention to anchor on the breath preparing us for meditation.