"Linda is a wonderful yoga teacher.  She has a soothing gentle approach and her classes are diverse and energising.  She can instruct any level of yogi, from very beginners to advanced.  Each class is unique and healing.  I highly recommend".


"Since starting early morning yoga classes at LB Life, I have been inspired by instructor Linda, who's gentle and compassionate manner is always calming and nurturing, as well as inspiring towards strong bodies and strong minds".


"Fortunately I attended one of Linda's yin yoga classes recently.  I loved it and will definitely be back.  My body felt so good after - stretched but not stressed".


"Linda is a gifted yoga teacher.  Linda's calmness and extensive yoga knowledge gently encourages all in her class to improve their yoga practice".


"Thank you Linda for your beautiful yoga teachings and gentle approach.  Regardless of my personal level, every time I step back to the mat with you, I'm instantly calm, even before class starts and know that I will fully enjoy my practice.  I'm looking forward to summer and the new yoga challenges ahead".


"I always look forward to Linda's yoga classes, she creates such a warm calming atmosphere.  Amazing teacher, love her passion for yoga that she portrays throughout all her classes".


"What a cool way to do yoga and start the day.  Standing on a paddle board on the water added so much more to the experience than doing yoga in a traditional setting.  Balancing on the board while moving through the different poses was both challenging and fun?  It forces you to use your core muscles and intensifies the workout.  Letting go is easy as the scenery and serenity can't be beat!  Linda is a fantastic teacher that has great motivation.  I'm telling everyone I know to try it".


"SUP yoga with Linda is a fabulous experience.  Being on the water in beautiful surroundings and doing yoga is invigorating.  The SUP boards are stable, the sounds of nature are very soothing and Linda's great instruction gives you the ultimate zen!  Bonus, if its hot, just slip into the water!"