SUP Yoga Classes

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.   


If you have practiced yoga before and are now craving something new, challenging and fun. I invite you to take your yoga practice to the crystal clear waters and experience the sand between your toes and the sunshine on your face.


Enjoy a class that challenges your posture and technique while leaving you rejuvenated.  Simple yoga poses are all you need to develop body awareness, and taking them on the board just enhances that awareness. This class caters for all levels of experience and centres on reconnecting yourself to the natural surroundings. Your balance and form will be tested when you feel the movement of the board beneath your hands and feet. The water has a wonderful way of letting you know when adjustments should be made. All the while you will be enjoying fresh air, majestic scenery and the fun that only the ocean offers. You will enjoy a blissful and restorative savasana, gently taking your mind, body and spirit to a place of calmness and stillness, while enjoying the gentle sound of the waves lapping around you.


If you don't already have some paddling experience prior to commencing a SUP Yoga class we will run you through a land based safety/technique session first and then gently transfer to the water where you will practice your paddling skills before we begin our yoga session.  You can then soak up being present and enjoy your session.

Session Outline:

5 - 10 minute - basic paddling safety/technique talk

60 minute - paddle out and anchor board, then enjoy your yoga experience

5 - 10 minute - return to shore


Are you planning a special event?  Maybe a birthday, hens day?


Private group sessions are available and these can be based upon a one hour SUP Yoga class and then experience a gorgeous breakfast/lunch/sunset dinner in the spectacular surrounding parkland.  This session can be specialised to your requirements allowing for a truely memorable experience.



If you are interested in building team morale and strengthening working relationships for your corporate employees in a social and healthy environment, then we can tailor sessions that will give your staff a challenging fitness program that will create a healthier and more productive workplace for your business.

ASI is a professional membership organisation and international governing body for instructors, coaches and schools in the outdoor recreation industry for surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding.
We set the standards for education, accreditation, professional development and ongoing support for our members, offering pathways from entry level to elite level.
International Instructor and Coach Accreditation. You can travel the world with ASI.
ASI Accredited Schools abide by the high international standards for operations, training and safety.

Refund Policy


 Clients will obtain a refund or credit if:


  • the client notifies the ASI Accredited school 24 hours prior to the time of the activity.  

  • the Instructor cancels the activity due to unsuitable or dangerous conditions.  


Note - no refund will be offered if it rains.   


If water and weather conditions become unsafe during the activity, the instructor may modify the activity and undertake activities on the shore rather than in the water, or the activity may be rescheduled for another time. 


If the client has paid for a block of lessons at a discounted price, the refund will be based on the total amount paid less the lessons already delivered calculated at the undiscounted lesson price.


No refund is offered if the client refuses to comply with the ASI Accredited School policy and the Instructor determines the client cannot participate in the activity (e.g. client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol)


If the client advises the Instructor of a medical condition such that the Instructor decides that it would be unsafe for the client to participate in the activity, a full refund will be offered. 


If the Instructor becomes aware of a client’s medical condition after the lesson has commenced, such that the Instructor determines it is unsafe for the client to continue in the activity, no refund will be offered.


Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers must be used by expiry date unless other arrangements have been made. No refund is offered once the gift voucher has been purchased however the gift vouchers are transferable to other people.

Product Purchase


Up to 30 days from date of purchase the client can:

  • obtain a 100% refund for products purchased should they be damaged or faulty.

  • exchange for products that are unsuitable.


Activity Tours


Clients can obtain a refund or credit if:

  1. the client notifies the ASI Accredited School 5 days prior to the time of the tour. An administration fee of 20% may be charged.

  2. the ASI Accredited School cancels the tour.