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Stand Up Paddle Boarding is fast becoming one of the most popular water sports available.  LB Life is situated 45 minutes from Sydney and resides on the shores of Gunnamatta Bay, Cronulla.  The calm waters of Gunnamatta Bay provide the perfect haven for stand up paddling and ideal for family groups and non experienced paddlers.


You do not need to have any previous experience or be super fit to try this activity. All you need is a passion for enjoying the great outdoors, feeling the sand beneath your feet as you enter the water and connect to the natural surroundings while floating upon your board and taking in the magnificent sights that we paddle past along our session.  This class is designed for the beginner and teaches you everything you need to know to get you up on the water and having fun in a safe and happy place. You are guaranteed to be up paddling in your first lesson. Session covers proper posture and stance, balance, advanced stroke techniques and turning skills. It is recommended you take a beginner lesson before taking a Stand up Paddleboard Specialty (Yoga/Fitness) class.


Class Overview:
10 - 15 minute - Inclusion of paddle technique/safety and basics while on land
45 minute - paddle session along the shores of Gunnamatta Bay
10 - 15 minute paddle back to base


You will require at least one introductory session to continue to the Intermediate Class.  Here you will have a short land based refresher on paddle technique/safety and basics.  Once entering the water you will tour around the shores of Gunnamatta Bay, experiencing and enjoying the scenic views that surround the great southern bay.  You will overcome the boredom of a regular fitness routine and grow mentally and physically in a fun setting. LB Life will provide an invigorating and challenging full body workout inspiring core strength while toning the body.  This is a fun way to enjoy the benefits of what our natural surroundings provide to us.  Ideal for people looking for long-term health and fitness benefits.


Class Overview:

5 - 10 minute - refresher paddle technique/safety talk

45 minute - paddle session along the shores of Gunnamatta Bay 

10 - 15 minute paddle back to base


Are you planning a special event?  Maybe a birthday, hens day


Private group sessions are available and these can be based upon a one hour SUP Yoga class and then experience a gorgeous breakfast/lunch/sunset dinner in the spectacular surrounding parkland.  This session can be specialised to your requirements allowing for a truely memorable experience.



If you are interested in building team morale and strengthening working relationships for your corporate employees in a social and healthy environment, then we can tailor sessions that will give your staff a challenging fitness program that will create a healthier and more productive workplace for your business.

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